‘A Masterpiece’ Actor Arvind Krishna Is Awarded great in the country

Actor Arvind Krishna is known for his performances in films like Rama Rao on Duty, A Masterpiece: Rise of Superhero, Shukra, and SIT that has been trending over the last eight weeks. Arvind is also known for his vegan lifestyle ever since he took the plunge a few years ago.

Awarded ‘Vegan Voice of India’

Being a Veganuary ambassador for over two years, Arvind recently participated in the Vegan India Conference held on 6-7 July, 2024 in Mumbai. Arvind and Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez were one of the panelists at the conclave. Both ventilated their thoughts and shared their vegan journey.
Arvind was awarded ‘Vegan Voice of India’ for his contribution towards spreading a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable lifestyle. “Veganism has been a way of my life,” Arvind comments, and adds that the honor made him more responsible. “I receive the award with a sense of commitment and duty. Perhaps, this is the universe’s way of inspiring me to do more and further strengthen the vegan cause.”

The Only Actor-Basketball Player Arvind is also the only actor to be a professional basketball player in the country. Being an actor and an athlete, Arvind’s journey as a vegan has been inspiring. He says that veganism compliments his acting and athlete skills. “From muscle recovery and reducing the risk of inflammation in the body to improving endurance and performance, veganism helped me achieved great results,” shares Arvind, who turned vegan for environmental and ethical reasons.

As an actor too, he noticed the complexion of his skin radiating and looking better than before. “Vegansim helped my overall well-being; improved my body and breathing…making my thinking sound. My thought process has deepened and I could make wiser choices when it comes to picking up scripts and roles,” explains Arvind who is presently shooting for his upcoming film A Masterpiece: Rise of Superhero.