Ayyan Pranthi of Telugu Indian Idol 2 mesmerizes Megastar Chiranjeevi with her soulful singing

Hyderabad, 13th May: The captivating power of music transcends all boundaries and brings people together, regardless of their background or culture. When it comes to Telugu music, it is not just a mere form of entertainment but rather a way of life for many individuals. aha, the No.1 OTT platform in Telugu-speaking states, known for its exquisite range of entertainment, has been instrumental in introducing Telugu Indian Idol season 2, providing a platform for young and talented singers to compete and showcase their skills in front of a global audience.

Among the exceptional pool of talented participants, Ayyan Pranthi, a fourteen-year-old singer from Vishakhapatnam, has consistently impressed audiences and judges alike since day one of the competitions with her soulful voice and impeccable performances. Her awe-inspiring performances have garnered the praise and recognition of renowned music director G.V. Prakash, who has repeatedly commended her talent. And now, this prodigiously gifted young artist has added yet another accolade to her already impressive list of achievements.

Recently, Pranthi was blessed with the opportunity to perform at the illustrious Megastar Chiranjeevi residence in Hyderabad, where she sang the mesmerizing Annamacharya keerthana in front of him and his esteemed wife (Surekha). The performance was nothing short of captivating, leaving the beloved couple spellbound and in awe of Pranthi’s extraordinary talent. Chiranjeevi and his wife, deeply impressed by her performance, bestowed their blessings upon her and wished her all the success for the rest of the Telugu Indian Idol season 2.

Pranthi, overjoyed with this incredible experience, stated, “I am humbled and immensely grateful to Megastar Chiranjeevi garu and his wife for providing me with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in front of them. This has been a dream come true, and I am now more motivated and determined than ever to give my best in the competition. This experience has given me newfound confidence, and I eagerly look forward to the challenges ahead.”

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