Complaint filed against Vijay Thalapathy

It is known that the Lok Sabha elections are going on all over the country. The first phase of polling has already been completed in some states. As part of this, the first round of polling was held in Tamil Nadu on 19th of this month. On this occasion, almost all the star heroes of the Tamil film industry exercised their right to vote. They alerted their fans by posting photos of them on social media!

They reminded that voting is the responsibility of every citizen who has that right. In the same order… star hero Thalapathy Vijay also voted. But in this process, it is known that a social worker complained to the police station that they were troubled by hero Vijay. According to reports, the police have registered a case with that complaint. This is becoming a topic now.

It is known that Vijay, who has a good reputation as a hero in Tamil and has got a huge following accordingly, launched a new political party named “Tamil Vetri Kalagam” a few months ago. However, they are not interested in contesting the latest Lok Sabha elections, saying that their only target is the 2026 assembly elections.

In this background, elections were held for a total of 40 parliamentary seats in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry on 19th of this month. In order to exercise his right to vote in this election, Vijay, who came to Chennai after a shooting break in Russia, exercised his right to vote in the local Nilangarai polling booth. But at this time, his security also came to the booth along with Vijay, which led to a discussion.

It seems that ordinary voters were put in trouble as more than 200 people along with Vijay and his followers and supporters came to the polling booth at the same time. A person filed a complaint in Chennai Police Station regarding this matter. It is interesting to see what action the police will take on this incident.