Patarupalem Premakatha Film song released by Hero Sri Vishnu

The film titled “Patarupalem Premakatha” is a self-directed film by Durairaju Vupati under the banner of JS Films. Hero Sri Vishnu released the first song of the movie song called “Edavunnaway Edavunnaway” yesterday. On this occasion Sri Vishnu said that he introduced me to the film industry and I am very happy to release the film song directed by Durairaju, who is directing the film. I hope the music lovers will hear this song and make it a big hit. He also wants the film to be a big hit. Director Dhorairaju said, “I am happy to release this song Sri Vishnu. It is a very honest movie. The audience who hit the teaser, I believe that this song will be a big hit as well. Special thanks to Sri Vishnu for all the cinema team. Music director Bal Dake participated in the event.