Jayaho Ramanuja First Look Launch – Lion Sai Venkat – Jo Sharma USA

Jayaho Ramanuja Movie
Director & Hero – Lion Sai Venkat as Ramanuja,
American Actress/Miss USA Intl
Heroine – Jo Sharma (Jyotsna) as Ramanuja’s wife

Jayaho Ramanuja’ tells the story of the 12th Century Hindu philosopher and social reformer. The founder of Vishishtadvaita is being played by actor Lion Sai Venkat.
The historical-devotional flick’s first look was released today. In the motion poster, we see the titular character preaching his philosophy and manifesting Gods.
“So far, 50% of the production works have been completed. Starting June 15, the rest of the film will be shot in Bengaluru, Tirupathi and other locations. We are making this as a two-part movie. The first part will be released for Dasara. The second part will be released on May 5 next year,” the makers said.
Producers : Sai Prasanna and Pravallika
Lead Star Cast :
Hero – Lion Sai Venkat as Ramanuja
Heroine – Jo Sharma (Jyotsna) American Actress/Miss USA Intl, Manoj Kumar, Suman, Pravallika, Appam Padma and others