‘Maa Oori Raja Reddy’ Movie Grand Trailer Launch Event – Whose life story is this?

Nihan and Vaishnavi Kamble’s film Maa oori Raja Reddy is directed by Ravi Basara and produced by Rajitha Ravinder Erra and Sunitha Venkataramana on RS Movie Makers. The first look of this movie released and is getting good response. Today the trailer launch event done very grand. This movie is going to be brought to the audience in a grand manner on March 1.

Ex-Central Minister Venugopala Chary said: The movie Maa Oori Raja Reddy reminds of the Late Raja Reddy. Director is bringing before us the story of Raja Reddy step-by-step how he struggled and rise to become an accomplished Chief Minister in politics. It is a pleasure to make this film as a testament to his goodness. It is really happy that the actors in this film and all technicians are from Nirmal region. Today Hyderabad is really becoming an important city of development. It feels very happy to see our Telugu films rise to the world level from here. Today Telangana has many wonderful locations like Nirmal, Adilabad, Warangal. Similarly we have amazing waterfalls and forest locations. As mentioned, it is a very auspicious development that people from Nirmal region are producing and acting in this movie. He wishes that this film to be a good success.

Producer Venkataramana Garu said: The movie Maa Oori Raja Reddy was made in the surrounding areas of Nirmal. Surely this movie will be a great success. He said that the blessings of the audience should be on us and we wish this film to be a success.

Co Director Ravindra Siddhartha said: My name is Ravindra Siddhartha Puri. I am a big fan of Puri Jagannath. One director schedules this film first and leaves it in the middle. I have completed the second schedule. Apart from those in Hyderabad, talent is everywhere, I am from Nirmal, so local producers, grab the talent. I wish this movie to be a good success and I wish your support to always be with us.

Heroine Vaishnavi said: This is my first film. First I say thanks to my parents. It is very difficult for girls to grow in this industry and it is possible only if there is parental support. I slowly convinced my parents and entered the industry. I am thankful to the director and producers for selecting me for this character. I wish with all my heart that all your blessings be upon us.

Hero Nihan said: My mother Nirmala did not come here today. My mother encouraged me to be in this industry, so I am here. I would like to thank our director and producer for selecting me for this film. The heroine Vaishnavi acted very well. We worked very hard and made the film in very good locations. I sincerely hope that the audience will bless us and make this film a success.

Actors :
Nihan, Vaishnavi Kamble, Erra Ravinder, Rajini, Aitha Venkataramana, R. Prabhudas, Radhika, Kumar, Kotagiri Narasiah Chari, Kotte Chandrasekhar

Technicians :
Banner : RS Movie Makers
Producers : Rajitha Ravinder Erra, Sunitha Venkataramana
D.O.P. : Vasu
Music : PK
Singer : Divya Malika
Editor : Aloysius – Naresh
Art : Ravinder. P
Dialogues : K. Narasiah Chari
Director : Ravi Basara
Pro : Madhu VR