“Singareni Jung Siren” based on real events

Singareni Jungsiren written by George Reddy fame director Jeevan Reddy is based on true story, filming begins soon

“Singareni Jungsiren,” a movie based on real events, is written by director Jeevan Reddy of “George Reddy” fame. The film, set to be released under the banner of Dhumra Varahi by debutant producer Vivek Inugurti, is inspired by a true incident that occurred in Singareni in 1999. The tagline of the film is “The Underground Lives.”

Pre-production work on this survival drama has been completed, and “Singareni Jung siren” is set to begin filming soon. The cast and additional details will be announced on May Day, which is also International Labor Day. At a time when Telangana-themed movies are well-received, “Singareni Jungsiren” aims to authentically depict the region’s native culture.

Technical Team:

Costumes: Prasanna Dantuluri

Associate Writer: Latie Flinkari

Editor: Harish Madhureddy

Cinematography: Rocky Vanamali

Stills: Segu Vikas

VFX: Madhu Arj

Music: Suresh Bobbili

Executive Producers: Lalan Mahendra, T. Murali Raghuvaran

Story by Jeevan Reddy

Directed by Vivek Inugurti

PRO: GSK Media (Suresh – Srinivas)