Viswak Sen’s ‘Gaami’ streaming on ZEE5 from Ugadi

The film’s recently released trailer has captivated audiences with its intense and gripping elements. “Gaami” has garnered praise for its unique and compelling story, exceptional filmmaking, realistic VFX, and the dedication of the entire team, whose efforts over five years have paid off handsomely. This is a golden opportunity for those who missed the film in theaters and those who wish to relive the experience to enjoy the survival thriller from the comfort of their homes.

“Gaami” boasts a talented cast including Chandini Chowdhary, Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada, Shanti Rao, and Mayank Parak, among others. The film is further enriched by Naresh Kumaran’s captivating score and was made possible through the support of Karthik Sabareesh and crowd-funders.

The story revolves around Shankar, ostracized from the Aghora clan due to a rare medical condition that causes him to turn pale, bloodless, and experience blackouts upon human touch. Determined to find a cure, Shankar embarks on a perilous journey to the Himalayas, encountering numerous challenges along the way.”Gaami” stands as a testament to the power of crowdfunding, showcasing how a collective effort can bring a unique and compelling story to life.

“Gaami” is a remarkable film made possible through the collaborative efforts of several entities. While Karthik Sabareesh and a dedicated group of crowd-funders provided crucial support, UV Creations presented the film, further contributing to its realization. This unique combination of passionate individuals and established production houses has resulted in a captivating cinematic experience that has resonated with audiences.

ZEE5, India’s leading homegrown video streaming platform, is renowned for its diverse storytelling across languages. The platform consistently enriches its content library with a wide range of offerings, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and more.